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Dr. Detlef Geiges


About me

The German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC) defines compliance as the Executive Board's responsibility to ensure that legal requirements and internal corporate guidelines are observed.

Beyond adherence to legal requirements (and, conversely, the avoidance of sanctions for misconduct), compliance has become a key success factor for reputation, sustainability and social responsibility.

After all, ethically operating companies with a positive reputation perform significantly better on the market than standard indices. The stability and sustainability of a compliance management system and the compliance mentality of each individual employee are crucial. After all, every interaction counts!

My motivation for compliance starts where the legal framework is established. It includes questions

  • the efficiency of compliance management systems,
  • the nature and quality of compliance interactions with the business
  • the integration of the risk management process into compliance and business activities
  • and ultimately the creation of an ethical corporate culture as a competitive advantage

Impactful communication on the outcome of 2nd line monitoring is not only a key for a successful tra...


About my knowledge

I see Compliance as an essential success factor. Ethically acting companies with a positive reputation perform significantly better on the market compared to standard indices. A crucial driver of this is the sustainability of the Compliance Management System and the Compliance mindset of each individual employee. Because every interaction counts!

With my experience from the reputationally weak and at the same time strongly regulated pharmaceutical industry I develop solutions tailored to your needs and help you to boost your Compliance framework to the next level.

As a passionate Darts player I act in analogy to the Darts game: Unexperienced players hit the board not very targeted and in different fields including those with low value. The experienced Darts player is focussed on the fields with the highest value. An experienced monitor, as an example, acts in the same way: focused on the activities that carry the highest risk and thereby the highest value of the control.

Compliance does not end in itself but lives and grows in the organisational context. Hence, the success of many Compliance projects is critically dependent on the acceptance in the company’s functional interfaces. This is why besides the interaction with the sponsoring function – dependent on the project scope – I consider an exchange with the involved stakeholders as important. Because only with a maximal buy-in a Compliance measure gets sustainable and therefore successful.

  • 24 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, thereof 20 years in different senior management positions at AstraZeneca.
  • 9 years experience in the area of Corporate Governance and Compliance, initially in Germany, later responsible for Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Eurasia.
  • Global Methodology Lead for Compliance Assurance.
  • Conception, lead and implementation of national and global projects, e.g. development of a Compliance App, establishment of a cost-efficient Compliance hub structure in Europe.
  • Extensive experience in recruitment, coaching and development of employees.


an overview

    ➥ Heatmap-Analysis along the 7 CMS elements, identification of weak areas and optimisation potential

    By means of a specifically developed questionnaire including the recording of the respective evidence, Compliance with the Governance requirements will be analysed, the results visualised and you quickly see the status of your Governance system and which elements, or which departments require improvements.

    ➥ Targeted analysis of single CMS elements

    ➥ Establishment or enhancement of a CMS

    Your business is growing, and you face the challenge to implement a comprehensive Compliance Management System? Or you see the need to refine your existing CMS? 

    I will support you to develop and implement an efficient Compliance framework. My approach: no administrative hydrocephalus but a business-integrated, value generating and sustainable CMS.


    ➥ Coaching of Compliance personnel

    Through targeted Business Partnering and/or Assurance Coaching following the „WHY, HOW, WHAT“-model, I support the development of your Compliance staff, e.g.

    - to optimise the advice for and interaction with the business
    - to improve the efficiency of risk-based Assurance controls

    ➥ Coaching of managers

    By means of individual or group coaching I support your leaders to establish a sustainable Compliance culture, to harmonise ethical and business requirements, and to implement and maintain an efficient 1st line control framework.

    ➥ Support for recruitment of Compliance personnel

    You have already identified candidates for a Compliance position and would like to get an independent, external assessment of their specific Compliance competencies and behaviours?     

    With my experience from numerous recruitments of Compliance staff I support you to combine your expectations with the required Compliance competencies and behaviours and to make the best selection.


    ➥ Delivery of Compliance trainings, internally or for 3rd parties

    ➥ Analysis of the Compliance training concept and existing training materials

    ➥ Development of concepts to improve the Compliance mindset

    I assess your existing Compliance training and communication concept and suggest options for improvements.

    I also deliver Compliance trainings for your staff or your 3rd parties on-site or online.


    ➥ Assessment of efficiency of 1st line controls and development of options for optimisation

    ➥ Optimisation of 2nd line controls

    Is the plan aligned to the current business risks? Is the plan flexible enough to react on emerging risks? Which criteria determine the sample selection? How are 2nd line monitoring observations transformed into learning and improvement?

    In close collaboration with your Compliance department I analyse the existing monitoring processes and develop options for optimisation.

    In doing so, I consider the following monitoring approaches: explorative, transactional, deep dive

    ➥ Check and/or revision of control plans

    ➥ Data Analytics

    I provide advice for the development of a data analytics concept that allows you to analyse the entirety of transactions of a business activity, to quickly identify outliers and to visualise trends.

    ➥ Auditing

    With my long-lasting experience in supervising and commissioning independent audits I support you with the selection of suitable audit service providers, the determination of the audit scope and the preparation of a remediation plan.

    Is your organisation being audited I support your audit-responsible person and provide coaching for the involved functions and for the management.


    ➥ Analysis of the Risk Management Process, the Risk Management Plan and – if need be – specific risks (e.g. corruption, fraud)

    ➥ Analysis of the 3rd party risk management


    ➥ Advice on the optimisation of the Crisis plan and Business Continuity plan


    ➥ Analysis of the SOP Management system, advice on the role assignment of single SOPs

    ➥ Content analysis of existing SOPs and Standards, identification of optimisation potential and opportunities for process simplification

    ➥ More end-user friendly visualisation of processes in SOPs

    ➥ Development of paperless, digital SOPs/ SOP-App

    ➥ Development of new processes

    ➥ Analysis and advice on process weaknesses


    ➥ Support for the conduct of internal investigations

    With my long-time experience in conducting internal investigations I go along with the investigation, provide advice, and help to complete the case objectively and efficiently.

    ➥ Training on the conduct of internal investigations


    I also assume interim Compliance Management tasks, for maternity/ parental leave, other short-term vacancies, or to support your Compliance team in case of resource shortage.

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